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Residential car parks can suffer from various kinds of parking problems. To help you find the service that you require UK Car Park Management has highlighted three of the major parking problems that are found within residential estates. We have also recommended an easy solution for each problem.

Unauthorised Parking

This can usually be managed quickly and effectively by using a straightforward permit scheme. The residents are provided with permits for themselves and their visitors, leaving any unauthorised vehicle exposed with no permit displayed.

Parking in non-designated areas

If a parking area has been demised, then this is very straightforward. Simply install signage covering the abused areas and write to all residents prior to the enforcement.

Parking in each others parking bays

If the parking bays are allocated and numbered, a straightforward permit scheme will work very effectively. By printing the bay # number onto the face of the permit we can verify whether or not a vehicle has parked in the correct bay. This type of permit scheme ensures each resident has complete exclusivity to their own parking bay. The permit acts as a key to that residents bay.

The above schemes can be used together or separately depending on your requirements, however theses schemes are only fully effective when enforced by Warden Ticketing, Self Ticketing Service and ANPR.

Residential First Service

UK Car Park Management are currently offering a revolutionary residential parking management service which combines the best of our parking management, security and facilities management – for more details please click on the link below.

New 'Residential First' Service

Our residential parking enforcement services

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Self Ticketing
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Professional, friendly and adaptable...

We've used CPM for about a year now and find them to be a professional, friendly and adaptable parking management company. They are responsive to our requirements as our site grows and understand the needs of the tenants. I would recommend CPM to other sites.

Ray Burke MSc AIRPM | Building Manager, Trinity (Estates) Property Management Limited