This service allows you to issue parking tickets at your discretion.

Our self-ticketing service allows users to issue parking tickets to offending vehicles, completely free of charge.

Free service

Complete privacy! Not only is the issuing process quick and discrete, CPM also operates under complete confidentiality.

This will provide users with a quick and easy service to report and the ability to enforce. This will eradicate obstructive and unauthorised parking.

Perfect solution for small to medium sized car parks

Our self-ticketing service is perfect for people with a small number of spaces in their car park, however it can still be utilised by those with larger parking facilities.

  • Issue at your discretion
  • Completely anonymous
  • 100% control

This service is simple and easy to use. Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Start today in 3 easy steps

1. Create account

Download the app from the app store or Google play and create a free account. Within 5 days, you’ll receive delivery of your car parking signs.

2. Install signs

Once you have installed the signs, you will have a legally enforceable controlled parking zone.

3. Issue tickets

Take a picture of the offending vehicle through the app and we can issue the driver with a PCN.

Download it FREE for your Apple iPhone or Android phone

Key benefits

  • Completey FREE of charge!
    Signage and app is completely free.
  • 3 simple steps
    All you need to do is create an account, install signs and start issuing tickets.
  • Complete privacy!
    Our parking tickets and signs have no reference to yourself.
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