UK Car Park Management have a dedicated team for resurfacing and pothole repair

UK Car Park Management have a full time Asphalt Team that can lay up to ten tonnes in a day. Obviously there is a huge disparity in pot hole size, which means every job needs a site visit before we can give you a quotation for the works.

Pot Hole Repair

The quality of pot hole repair can vary as much as the sizes. To properly repair a pot hole it must be saw cut, filled with hot asphalt or the appropriate fill, compacted and rolled. It sounds simple, but when it is incorrectly finished, it doesn't take long for it to come apart and appear again.

Road Resurfacing

We resurface miles of car park every year. We machine lay as this is the fastest and most cost-effective way to resurface a car park.

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Key benefits

  • Full time Asphalt Team
    We resurface miles of car park every year.
  • Expert workmanship
    Our trained team will guarantee a high quality finish.
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