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Disabled / Parent & Child

This is a growing problem that affects the lives of many disabled people, and our research has shown that the vast majority of retail outlets are doing little to nothing to solve this problem.

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  • Signage provided free of charge
  • Signage installation service available
  • Reduce abusive parking by 75%
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By using our ‘Blue Badge Holders Only’ parking schemes we are able to enforce parking restrictions on those who abuse your disabled parking facilities. Should a motorist without a Blue Badge decide to park in a disabled bay, we can issue them with either a parking charge notice or warning notice.

Reduce abusive parking by 75%

Through the use of parking charges we have seen a 75% reduction in this type of parking abuse within just the first week of operations on sites that we currently patrol!

UK Car Park Management do offer a supply only service for Signage, however if you prefer we can supply and install on-site.

Signage is provided completely free of charge when you use one of our enforcement services.

Disabled / Parent & Child Disabled / Parent & Child
Vastly benefited from their exceptional services...

Since introducing UK Car Park Management in August 2008 we have vastly benefited from their exceptional services. Our staff members no longer have to search for parking spaces or tolerate the abuse from members of the public. Visitors are also able to find spaces quickly and the car park on the whole is much safer and practical.

I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone who may be encountering similar parking difficulties.

Julie Webb | Site Manager, NHS Worthing