e-Permit management system

UK Car Park Management has developed a contemporary solution to allow users to park without the need of physical permits. Our system allows users to log their vehicle registration, via a tablet kiosk situated in reception, to authorise their stay in your car park. Alternatively, the e-permit tablet can be located behind the front desk, allowing your staff to fully control which guests or visitors have authorisation to park in your facility.

UK Car Park Management’s e-Permit system is available in two formats, both allow you to log vehicles which are then exempt from all or some of your parking conditions, such as a maximum stay or a daily parking fee.

Touchscreen Kiosks
(for short-stay parking)

UK CPM will provide a touchscreen kiosk which can be located at reception, allowing authorised users such as visitors or guests to input vehicle registrations efficiently with minimal administration.

Client Portal
(for permanent parking)

UK CPM will also provide an online client portal login. The client portal allows you to enter vehicle registrations permanently onto the ‘whitelist’. Useful for staff, contractors or regular users.

Key benefits

  • Free service
    Our e-permit schemes are free to set up and maintain when you use our enforcement services.
  • Full control of your car park
    Our e-permit system gives you full control over your car park, ensuring that genuine users are authorised to park.
  • Quick & Easy
    E-permits provide you with a quick and easy solution to reduce unauthorised parking at your car park.
  • Client Portal
    The e-permit client portal provides you with a simple way to manage your 'safe list'. Allowing you to add vehicle registrations with minimum admin.
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