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At UK Car Park Management we understand the parking management needs of the retail industry and share your business focus. Like you, we are in a service-based industry.

We appreciate that each supermarket, shopping centre and retail park has a different set of priorities and we adapt our parking services to reflect those differences, either on a store-by-store or national basis. We can also advise on extra revenue generation, where we feel parking assets are being under-utilised.

Car park management

Maximum stay

If the parking facility is suffering from external parking abuse, an easy and effective scheme can be to deploy a maximum stay restriction, i.e. 2, 3 or 4 hours. By introducing a maximum stay, genuine users can park freely, use the facilities and then vacate. However unauthorised vehicles which are parked there by commuters or local businesses etc.... will exceed the maximum stay time restriction. This type of scheme is usually best enforced by either ANPR cameras or Warden Ticketing.

Disabled & parent child bays

Disabled bays are relatively easy to manage. Most blue badge holders will always display their badges when parking within these bays. Clear warning signs accompanied by a straight forward Warden Ticketing or Self Ticketing service can be used to ensure that these bays are not abused. Protecting Parent Child bays are slightly more complicated, whether using Warden Ticketing or Self Ticketing, this type of enforcement realises on observation. The Warden must observe the occupants and then only issue a warning notice or parking charge if no child is present. Through regular patrols, good signage and PR, parent & child bay parking abuse can decrease rapidly over a short space of time.

Pay & display

UK Car Park Management can install and maintain a various range of pay & display systems, starting from basic coin insert to touch screen solar power systems.

Our retail parking enforcement services

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Relationship has gone from strength to strength...

We chose CPM based on local reviews and companies using their services. After an informal meeting with Lucky Gohler, we had a proposal sent over to us within days and were up and running with their helpful approach and commitment the transition from not having our Car Park monitored to having it monitored was remarkable. Lucky was and still is on hand, anytime of day to help with any aspect of parking, and our relationship has gone from strength to strength including using his services at many of our sites now. We have found CPM’s services invaluable and would recommend them to anyone who has parking issues!

Darren Sibbald | Facilities Manager, Village Urban Resort Farnborough