We are proud of our reputation in the parking industry and look to ensure that we treat everyone fairly and reasonably. To help assist you with any queries that you may have regarding a Parking Charge Notice we have provided answers to some of the frequently asked questions below.

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Why do you manage and enforce conditions of parking within car parks?

UK Car Park Management provides a space management service on behalf of our clients to ensure that parking spaces are always available for genuine users of the car park. This is done by providing enforcement of the car park terms and conditions of parking which are stipulated on the signage within the car park.

What level of service can you expect from us if I am issued with a Parking Charge Notice?

UK Car Park Management are members of the International Parking Community. All Parking Charge Notices are issued in accordance with the International Parking Community Code of Practice. Additionally, UK Car Park Management strives to provide great customer service whilst ensuring you are treated fairly and reasonably. All appeals are dealt with on an individual basis and all circumstances taken into account.

Why have I received a Parking Charge Notice?

Your vehicle was found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of the car park, which are clearly set out on the signage displayed within the car park.

How can we enforce the conditions of parking?

The car parks in which we operate are private property, therefore contract law applies. The terms and conditions of the car park are clearly displayed on signage within the car park. When parking on private land, a motorist freely enters into an agreement to abide by the conditions of parking in return for permission to park. UK Car Park Management has written Authority to manage and enforce the conditions of parking by the landowner for all of our car parks.

Where can I find details of the terms and conditions of parking?

The terms and conditions of parking are clearly set out on the signage displayed within the car park.

What if I was not the driver at the time in which the Parking Charge Notice was issued?

If you were not driving the vehicle at the time in which the Parking Charge Notice was issued you should provide us with the details of the driver of the vehicle by writing to us.

Can I appeal the Parking Charge Notice?

If you would like to contest the Parking Charge Notice you can do so in writing to the addresses below. All correspondence must include the Parking Charge Notice reference number, your vehicle registration mark, your name, address and the name of the driver (if different) and any supporting evidence. All appeals should be marked for the attention of our Appeals Department. Upon receipt of your appeal the Parking Charge Notice will be placed on hold for the duration of the appeals procedure. Please allow up to 35 days for your appeal to be processed.

Write to: Appeals, UK CPM, PO Box 3114, Lancing, BN15 5BR

Can I discuss my appeal with you?

Due to legal procedures we are unable to make appeal adjudications over the phone. All enquiries must be forwarded in writing. We are however happy to answer any questions that you have regarding the appeal process.

How will I be notified of the outcome of my appeal?

We will notify you of the outcome of your appeal in writing within 35 days of from the date of your appeal.

Can I appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS)

If your appeal is rejected by the us you may appeal to an independent appeals service (IAS). Assessors at the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) will determine your appeal and inform you of the outcome. Please note that this service is not available in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

What does the independent appeals service adjudicate on?

The independent appeals service considers aspects of law. It will determine whether the driver has complied with the terms and conditions of the contract or committed trespass and if so, whether enforcement action is fair and reasonable and if the driver is liable for payment of any charges as a result.

Will the value of the Parking Charge Notice increase if I lose my appeal through the independent appeals service?

If you choose to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) you will no longer qualify for the prompt payment discount rate. If the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) reject your appeal you will be liable for the higher Parking Charge Notice amount. If your appeal is unsuccessful you should pay the Parking Charge Notice within 14 days to avoid any additional charges.

How long do I have to pay a Parking Charge Notice?

The Parking Charge Notice should be paid within 28 days from the date of issue however a prompt payment discount rate is available if paid within 14 days of the date of issue.

What happens if I ignore the Parking Charge Notice?

If you fail to pay the Parking Charge Notice within 28 days from the date of issue this may result in your case being transferred to a Debt Recovery Agent, which may incur additional administrative charges or court costs. The collection procedure will be processed in line with the Administration of Justice Act 1970.

How do I pay a Parking Charge Notice?

You can pay the parking charge notice online or through our 24 hour telephone payment line or alternatively by completing the payment slip on the parking charge notice and sending a cheque to the address below.

By Post: Payments & Collections, UK CPM, PO Box 3114, Lancing, BN15 5BR

Online: www.paymyticket.co.uk

Telephone: 0845 463 5050

I am a Blue Badge holder, am I exempt from the terms and conditions?

When parking on private land Blue Badge concessions may not apply. We generally look to provide free unrestricted parking for Blue Badge holders, however, there may be instances where this is not always possible. You should always check the terms and conditions of parking, which are set out on signage within the car park.

Are there any regulations governing the way in which we operate?

We are a member of the International Parking Community and we strictly adhere to the Code of Practice for Parking Enforcement on Private Land and Unregulated Car Parks.

How do you get hold of my personal details?

Regulation 27 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002 requires the DVLA to release information from its vehicle register to anybody who demonstrates ‘reasonable cause’ to have information made available to them. Unauthorised parking on private land is designated as 'reasonable cause'.

How do you handle my personal data?

Click the link to read our privacy notice.