The healthcare sector is constantly evolving to provide optimal patient care, and a key aspect of this optimisation lies in seamless parking and access control solutions. Introducing Sippi, the comprehensive digital solution designed to revolutionise parking management and access control within hospital premises. With a focus on enhancing the experience of patients, visitors, and staff, Sippi aims to streamline operations, minimise security risks, and boost administrative efficiency.

Sippi: Transforming Healthcare Parking and Access Control

UK CPM is thrilled to announce Sippi’s foray into the healthcare sector at the upcoming Healthcare Estates 2023 event in Manchester, scheduled for October 10-11. This exciting event provides a platform for UK CPM to unveil its revolutionary Sippi solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by healthcare facilities.

Streamlined Parking E-Permit Solutions

Managing parking permits within healthcare facilities can be a time-consuming process. Sippi offers a flexible digital solution that simplifies parking permit management, providing an enhanced experience for staff and contractors while reducing administrative burdens. Through instant account setup and paperless processing, Sippi contributes to a greener environment while enabling customisable parking rules at site, user, and bay levels. This ensures a hassle-free experience and minimises issues related to incorrect or delayed permits, creating a positive parking environment for all.

Effortless Access Control Solutions

Sippi introduces a digital-first approach to access control within healthcare facilities. By managing access to controlled areas such as gated car parks, storage areas and more, Sippi saves time, reduces administration costs, and mitigates security risks associated with lost access cards or fobs. Keyless access, visitor management, and real-time access control adjustments provide convenience and enhanced security.

Convenient Cashless Parking Solutions

The future of parking transactions is cashless, and Sippi is at the forefront of this transformation. With a dedicated app tailored to the specific needs of healthcare facilities, Sippi offers a range of payment options for patients, visitors, and staff. This cashless system reduces stress, eliminates the need for physical cash, and complements any traditional payment methods. Enhanced security, seamless integration, and a user-friendly app contribute to a stress-free parking experience that aligns with the broader healthcare journey.

Driving Digital Transformation and Data Insights

Sippi doesn't just streamline parking; it drives digital transformation through data insights. Gain valuable data on facility usage, visitor counts, emissions footprint, vehicle types, and peak times, enabling informed decisions for optimised parking operations. By harnessing the power of data, Sippi empowers healthcare management with information to reduce costs, boost operational efficiency, and enhance the overall experience for patients, visitors, and staff.

Incorporating Sippi into your healthcare facility isn't just about parking management; it's about embracing a holistic solution that enhances patient care, visitor satisfaction, and staff efficiency. Ready to explore the future of healthcare parking with Sippi? Join us on stand D54 at Healthcare Estates 2023 to witness the unveiling of Sippi's innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.